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Ghazipur District


Gazipur District (Bengali: গাজীপুর জেলা) is a district of Dhaka Division, it has an area of 1741.53 km2 and is bounded by Mymensingh and Kishoreganj districts on the north, Dhaka, Narayanganj and Narsingdi districts on the south, Narsingdi on the east, Dhaka and Tangail districts on the west. Annual average temperature maximum 36°C and minimum 12.7°C; annual rainfall 2376 mm. Main rivers: old Brahmaputra, Shitalakshya, Turag, Bangshi, Balu and Banar.
Ghazipur District

Gazipur (Town) consists of 9 wards and 31 mahallas. The area of the town is 49.32 km2. The town has a population of 123531; male 52.52%, female 47.48%; density of population is 2505 per km2. Various establishments such as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), CERDI, Seed Certifying Agency, Security Printing Press, Machine Tools Factory, Bangladesh Ordnance Factory, Diesel Plant, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (Previously BIT:Bangladesh Institute of Technology), BRAC Dairy Farm, Nova Poultry Limited, Cremation Ghat etc. are located here.
Gazipur district was established in 1984. It consists of 5 upazilas, 46 union parishads, 710 mouzas, 2 municipalities and 1163 villages. There are five upazillas (also known as "Thana") in Gazipur. They are Gazipur Sadar/Joydebpur-Tongi, Sreepur, Kalayakour, Kapasia, Kaligonj.
There are five universities in Gazipur — Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (formerly the Institute of Postgraduate Studies on Agriculture), Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh National University and the Islamic University of Technology. Educational institutions in the area include:
West Chandana Govt. Primary School
Chandana High School
Gazipur Cantonment College
Shafiuddin Sarker Academy and College
Tongi Pilot School and Girls College
Tongi govt. college
Ta'mirul Millat Kamil Madrasha (Tongi Campus)
Bhawal Bodore Alam Govt. College
Telihaty High School
Sreepur University College
Abdul Awal College
Piar Ali college
Rover poly degree college
Abder bazar govt. primary school
Kapasia Degree college
Bhasa Shahid Abdul Jabbar College and High School (formerly known as Ansar VDP High School)
Gazipur City College, Chandana Chawrasta,
One of the most historic schools is Rani Bilash Moni Govt Boys High School which is more than 100 years old. Bhasa Shahid Abdul Jabbar College and High School is not only well known for it's academic excellence but also for its students' success in sports and cultural competition in national level including splendid handball performance in sports and streak of winning in sections like song, debate, general knowledge, dance, essay writing, acting every year.
Kazi Azim Uddin College.
ARSI Multimedia School
Vadun high school.
Matrykole Pre- Cadet school.

Places of Interest

  • Nandan Park
  • Ansar VDP Academy
  • Jomidar Bari, Baliadi, Kaliakoir
  • Kalinarayana Temple(circa 1900,Built by Maharaja Kalinarayana of Bhawal), Joydebpur
  • Vawal Rajbari, one-time home of Prince Ramendra Narayan of the Bhawal case, Joydebpur
  • Pubail Resort
  • Vawal National Park
  • Zinda Park, Kudabo Green Park (Processing), Vadun, Nuhash Palli
  • Kudabo Eidgah (the largest Eidgah of Gazipur), Kudabo, Pubail
  • Munshi Bari Banglo .(it is the symbol of beauty)Munshi Bari,Kudabo,Pubail,Gazipur
  • Munshi Bari Eidgah (it is very famous eidgah in Gazipur)
  • Pushpodam Picnic spot
  • Waiddadegi, Telihaty, Sreepur
  • Joyna Bazar ,Sreepur
  • Abder Bazar, Telihaty
  • Rover polly degree college, Gazipur
  • Bishaw Estema maydhan. The second largest mass of the Muslim around the world is Estema. Thousands of Muslims from many countries comes here and stay for 3 days just beside the River Turag.
  • Tongi Ahsan ullah Master Ural setu
  • Rajendrapur

Thana/Sub-disrtricts of Gazipur :-
Gazipur District is divided by following Thana's :

  1. Gazipur Sadar/Joydebpur
  2. Kaliakior
  3. Kapasia
  4. Sripur
  5. Kaliganj
  6. Tongi

Transport System
Dhaka-Tongi diversion road has connected Gazipur with Dhaka.
There are 6 railway stations in the Gazipur district. They are: Rajendropur, Sripur, Dhirasrom, Joydevpur, Tongi and Pubail.
Tongi - Kaligonj diversion road.
Notable People

  • Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed - The First Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • Mr. Kazi Mozammel Hoque - Freedom Fighter and The First Member of Parliament of Gazipur. Ex Labour Secretary Bangladesh Awami League Central Working Committee, Ex Working President Jatio Sramik League Central Committee, Ex Founder Presidium Member Bangladesh Awami Jubo League Central Committee. Now; Commander Gazipur District Unit Command, Bangladesh Muktijuddhah Shangshad.
  • Shahid (martyr) Hurmat Ali
  • Bhasha Shahid (language movement martyr)Abdur Jabbar
  • Gonbindo Chondro Das (Nature Poet)
  • Ahsan Ullah Master.
  • Rajanikant Barman (Bangladesh National Football Team)

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